At Auto-Bon Inc., our experienced and highly skilled technicians ensure that the job is performed properly on each and every vehicle we service. Factory training and years of experience allow us to provide the assurance that leaving your vehicle to be serviced with us is the right decision. Meet our hard-working team below.Simsbury Auto About | Auto~Bon Inc.                                                                                    ​ 

SImsbury Auto Jim and Barb Blanchette| Auto~Bon Inc.Jim & Barb Blanchette

While many young men are passionate about (and enjoy tinkering with) their cars, few avidly follow these desires through to a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Following graduation, Jim embarked on a career path at United Technologies, a corporate global leader in the aerospace industry. This career path, however, lead Jim away in distance and available time from his family and his affinity for his automotive skills. As opportunity knocked, Jim answered and traded the corporate world for his own automotive repair facility that has grown over the years to it’s present size and location.

Barb, Jim’s wife, shares this partnership in the business and has played an invaluable role in both Jim’s life and the company’s growth from the early days when Jim would, at times, work out of their home garage . Barb is the personality and character of Auto~Bon, ensuring that everyone's needs from employee to customer are fulfilled. She also handles our marketing, financial, merchandise, and amenity/décor departments, in addition to providing the many motherly services that come along with four children. She has grown to love the business and thoroughly enjoys visiting with our guests on a regular basis.

Rainey Blanchette Simsbury Auto | Auto~Bon Inc.

Rainey Blanchette

Rai, our Team’s Sales & Service Director also grew up with a background in the automotive industry. As Jim and Barb’s firstborn son, he not only carries trade knowledge bestowed upon him by his father, but also has extensive knowledge regarding individual manufacturers latest automotive technologies and available vehicle options & features dating back many years. Rai enjoys motorsports of all kinds, is a driving enthusiast, and is a perfectionist when it comes to details (both visually and aurally), which range from graphic design work for the company all the way to final quality control tests on most vehicles before they are released from our care. His integrity and innate desire to serve ensures that both customer & vehicle needs are met on a daily basis. Like Jim, Rai has his hand in every aspect of the business, and invests a substantial amount of time into improving every characteristic of what we do.

'There is no such thing as a great talent without great will-power.  
-'H. De Balzak                                                                                             ​